Bharathi kannamma 19th October 2020 Written Update

 The present scene begins with Bharathi asking to Kannamma where is her eminence and confidence gone while getting his mother help. Kannamma gaze him in disarray. He illuminates to her that his mother is helping her through MLA. She masterminded all plans for her. On the off chance that she need money fall on his feet and ask to him he will give 1000 or 500rs for her in humankind. 

Kannamma tossed that sum all over. Bharathi gazing her glare. Kannamma tossed that sarie additionally in his face and says to him that she will pass on then fall on his feet. She and her infant never under any circumstance come and ask to him for help. She will starve to death then this. She says to him she is disappearing from him yet for what reason did he following her and request that he stop his folks helping her and following her as opposed to tormenting her like this. 

She cautions him to don't meet her again till she sign in the separation paper. She left there to take her sack. One grandmother ask to her where is she going? She answers to her that finesse fox is continually pursuing her. She is going putting weight on God head. Bharathi grins seeing her. Kannama is strolling on street. 

Soundarya is stressed over Kannamma. She has an uncertainty with her for what reason did Kannamma isn't in the CCTV film. Anjali and Nimmi comes there and watching her. Anjali remarked she is doing a lot for that characterless Kannamma. How about we watch her. Akhil comes there and ask to her what might you watch? She answers to him that new show Sandhya is spilling in Vijay television so how about we watch it. He says to her its began as of now. She says to him she just asked the timimg space. 

Venu comes there with Arivu and takes Akhil close to Soundarya. She advises to them that Kannamma is missing from long in the cctv film. Akhil persuade him that she might be occupied. Bharathi educates to them that he knew her whereabouts? Soundarya ask to him how comes he know it? Bharathi answers to them that Kannamma left the ashramam as of now. Soundarya got strained and ask to him where did she go? He answers to them he has no clue about it except for she left the ashramam as of now. He educated to her that his mother whom helping her subtly utilizing MLA. 

He asked to her doesn't she have disgrace to get cash from his mother after double-crossed him. She blew up and tossed that cash all over and left the shelter. Soundarya blew up and ask to him for what good reason did he done like this? Akhil says to him that they endeavored to help her furtively yet he destroyed all in a go. Bharathi answers to him that he previously cautioned them don't look for her he don't care for everything. 

She is the purpose for the despondency in his life and mother mishap and destroyed his name in the public arena however everybody wish to help her. Soundarya yell on him he don't reserve the options to talk sick about her. Bharathi leaves. Soundarya takes Venu with her to look for Kannamma 

Kannamma sits close to street side. Babu thug notice her and trickly caused her to sit inside his auto. Durga see it and attempts to stop her going with him learning he was Babu's thug. While going he educated to Babu that he hijacked Kannamma. She took in reality and illuminate to police. 

Police pursued that auto lastly spare her from him. He fled from that point. Police offers assistance to Kannamma yet she deny it and continue strolling on the opposite side Soundarya accusing Bharathi for Kannamma wretchedness. Venba and Baby looking for Kannamma in opposite side.

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