India Waali Maa 19th October 2020 Written Update

 The scene begins with Tripti video calling Kaku from diamond setter's place. Diamond setter asks Kaku what's the need to sell trimmings that she so affectionately got made for her little girl in-law. Kaku says she is selling for her child and girl in-law as it were. She asks how much cash she will get in return of gems. He says they will add up to 3 lakhs. Kaku advises Tripti to gather cash and send them to Bangalore. Kaku composes 2 crores on paper and feels 3 lakhs are orchestrated, actually part of cash is required. 

Sagar discloses to Rohan that Patel is prepared to contribute, Rohan gets upbeat and embraces him. Sagar says however there's one condition, Patel needs the business on Kaku's name. Rohan wavers as he doesn't need his mom to be stuck in more issues, Sagar says they simply need her mark, nothing more else he should go prison following a half year. 

Meenu prepares to go out, Vasu stops her. Meenu says she is choked at home, she didn't go out after Varalakshmi Puja. Vasu inquires as to whether she will meet Akshay, its not required as Akshay is returning home. Meenu gets bashful and denies. Vasu says she perceived how she fell in Akshay's arms, she can impart her sentiments to her. She generally needs to be essential for hers and Chinu's lives. Meenu denies and is going out, Murthy stops her. 

He yells where she is going with such a great amount of make up and all, Meenu inquires as to for what reason is he rebuffing her for Chinu's slip-ups. She figures she ought to likewise get pregnant like Chinu. Murthy blows up and is going to slap her, Akshay stops him. He says to leave Meenu, they have a gathering to join in. Both leave. Meenu discloses to Vasu that she prefers Akshay from adolescence, however he loves Chinu and considers her to be Chinu's sister. Vasu advises her to charm him with her woman engage. Meenu requests to support her, Vasu concurs. 

Meenu goes to Akshay's office and expresses gratitude toward him for sparing her. He advises her not to be formal. She offers him treats, he says they are his top choice. They talk for few moments and Chinu comes, she sees Meenu and asks she is here, on the off chance that she upset them, Meenu murmurs yes she upset like consistently, she leaves. Akshay inquires as to whether he can support her, Chinu says Rohan won't care to take his assistance. 

Akshay inquires as to for what reason wouldn't she be able to do work, it will diminish money related pressure. She can begin working from today in his organization, Chinu dithers. She gets call from a conveyance man that Kaku took not many things and shut entryway, she isn't opening entryway now. Chinu gets strained and leaves. She returns home and opens secondary passage key. She sees Kaku remaining on stool and eliminating bulbs. She asks what's happening with she, why she didn't open entryway.

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