Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 20th October 2020 Written Update

 The scene begins with Omkar taking off fabric from goddess icon and visiting mantras play as bgm, Omkar's dressed gets tangled on the stool he was remaining on, while he attempts to free himself, because of pull goddess symbol begins tumbling down, Mayura sees this and races to spare symbol, she nearly harms herself in the process as symbol is exceptionally weighty. Omkar sees this and yells for sparing Mayura. Manjiri yells to spare symbol, while other relatives get stressed as well. Piyush holds Mayura and spares her while Omkar looks on. Everybody thanks goddess as nothing turned out badly. Ashutosh petitions God for prosperity, everything being equal.

Mayura expresses gratitude toward Piyush for sparing her and Piyush expresses gratitude toward Mayura rather for sparing icon and says this symbol implies a great deal for Omkar. Omkar looks unpleased. Megha goes to Omkar and attempts to actuate him again against kinship of Mayura and Piyush and attempts to program him 

Omkar goes to Piyush and Mayura and inquires as to whether they are sheltered, Piyush and Mayura both state they are totally fine. 

Omkar reveals to them this Puja and symbol implies a ton to him. At that point Mayura is seen strolling barefooted and is going to step on some material, Omkar comes and stops her and says her to wear shoes or she may get injured. Mayura gives Omkar something to eat. 

At that point Megha comes and says Omkar he has a major heart and attempts to discuss Piyush and Mayura again yet Omkar reprimands her and says to quit testing his understanding, he won't hear a solitary word against the two of them. 

All relatives accumulate because of Omkar's uproarious voice. Manjiri comes and asks what is Megha saying, Megha gets apprehensive and says she was trying to say things identified with Puja service, might be she said a great deal and Omkar definitely knows more than her. 

Mayura and Omkar are having some sentimental time while Mayura takes care of Omkar and they share some charming and comfortable minutes. Omkar lifts her in arms and takes her to bed. Megha thinks why Omkar isn't influenced by her words against Mayura and Piyush. 

Omkar drops Mayura on bed and afterward rests on tangle, Mayura is amazed and he reveals to her he will rest on tangle for next 9 days. She likewise comes and rests close by on the tangle, Omkar gets stressed she may get rashes yet she says she is fine. They embrace one another and rest. Considerations about Megha's words comes to Omkar 's mind yet he denies it.

Next morning, Omkar gets a call from Vansh and they talk about trust issues and Omkar reveals to Vansh he doesnt pardon accept who breaks his trust. Vansh says the equivalent. Omkar continues taking a gander at Mayura while conversing with Vansh accessible if the need arises. While Mayura is sitting, Piyush comes there to support her and again Omkar sees them. 

Megha imagines that Omkar has just begun questioning them. Sanjay comes and reveal to Omkar they couldn't organize move troop. He gets irate and says he needs everything wonderful in this Puja. 

Piyush discloses to Mayura that if there is no exhibition, Omkar would get vexed. Mayura tells Piyush on the off chance that he will support her and she has some intend to cause Puja and execution to go easily. Omkar and Mayura are doing Aarti together. Omkar conveys Prasad. Omkar sees Mayura and Piyush are not close by and feels irate.

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