Yaaradi Nee Mohini 19th October 2020 Written Update

 The present scene begins with Bondita reviewing Sampoorna's assertion. She reviews how man tosses her at Tara's place. She misses Anirudh and reviews her minutes with him. She thinks to escape from the house alongside Sampoorna. 

Ahead, Anirudh calls out for Bondita and says he is here for her. Bondita hears his voice and thinks how Anirudh is here. Rasiya hears Anirudh and petitions God for Bondita. Tara requests to play instruments so noisily so Anirudh's voice doesn't reach to Bondita. Rasiya thinks if Bondita is at Tara's place. 

There, Bondita figures Anirudh can't be here subsequently she need to support herself. Little comes and reassure Anirudh. Bondita thinks about an approach to get away from the house. In the flashback she thinks how Trilochan misconstrued her when she consumed the coal and smoke spread everywhere on the house. Back to the real world; Bondita gets glad and says Trilochan's training will support her today. 

Scaled down asks Anirudh how he is certain to such an extent that Bondita is at jewel market. Anirudh says predetermination like before has made Bondita's letter to contact him in this manner he is certain. He yells none can conceal Bondita from him. There, Bondita consumes coal and smoke spreads everywhere. She figures out how to trick Tara and cause her to accept that house is ablaze. Bondita embraces Tara and says she is frightened. Tara asks her not to fear. Meanwhile, Bondita removes the keychain from Tara's abdomen. 

Ahead, Anirudh requests that Mini return back. Smaller than expected cannot. Anirudh says he can't give her help this time. Small scale stands shocked. Meanwhile, Bondita opens Sampoorna's room and attempts to escape alongside her. 

Anirudh send Mini back. He hollers Bondita's 'berristara babu' is coming to take her. There, Rasiya sees Bondita and thinks she is attempting to get away. She feels pleased with her and says Bondita should take off. Bondita and Sampoorna run out from Tara's home. 

A while later, Tara discovers that Bondita got away alongside Sampoorna. She requests to discover both. 

Anirudh calls Binoy and requests that he help him in discovering Bondita at Daimond market. Binoy stands quiet. In the interim, Bondita and Sampoorna run making progress toward spare their life. Bondita's dress stalls out and she powers Sampoorna to escape without her. Sampoorna weeps for Bondita. Small spots Bondita at the market and cover up. 

Binoy says Anirudh that he will support him. Afterward, Binoy figures he won't help Bondita. Then, Bondita spots Mini and run behind her. Smaller than normal disregards Bondita. Tara's men spot Bondita and runs behind her. 

Here, Munshi beats Saurabh after Roy's terminated him from the work. He tosses Saurabh and Sampoorna out from the house.

Smaller than normal dodges Bondita. She says she will petition God that Anirudh never joins with her. In the interim, Tara's men bring Bondita back. Bondita calls her awful lady. Tara locks Bondita and requests to monitor the house with the goal that none can enter. 

Precap: Anirudh gatecrash Tara's home. He calls out for Bondita. Bondita weeps for Anirudh.

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